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Clutch supports system level stakeholders to drive toward transforming their social systems into systems that achieve the audacious outcomes that they know are possible (that are necessary to create real change). Clutch Consulting understands the complexity and intricacy of social systems and the sheer volume of coordination necessary to achieve rapid and significant collective impact and social transformation. Through practical experience, Clutch has designed a Continuum of Care architecture that maximizes the strengths of all partners, organizes policy creation and codification into a series of activities that rapidly and thoroughly engages all stakeholders, creates a bias toward action, allows for experimentation, and maintains complete focus on the collective impact goals. Our design principles allow any CoC to adopt this architecture and tailor it to their community, regardless of the current CoC structure. Ending homelessness takes a village and our approach fully harnesses all partners and assembles them to ensure everyone’s contributions are fully maximized toward a collective impact. It creates shared responsibility and ownership while also clarifying roles and creating an accountability structure supported by immediate feedback loops. To achieve this, Clutch provides a range of coaching and subject matter expertise, not a set of recommendations or a formula.


Clutch provides ongoing implementation, change management, project management, and leadership support through a coaching model. Clutch will stand side by side their partners and be available in real-time, as the processes of change management and implementation are actually happening. We will deliver a coaching plan and schedule tailored to make the desired shift in each community.

Supporting communities to build and rebuild social services systems that most efficiently and effectively serve their most vulnerable residents.

Our Mission

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Meet the Team

MANDY CHAPMAN SEMPLE  |  Managing Partner  |  Houston, TX

Mandy Chapman Semple is a nationally recognized social systems transformation expert with skill in building working partnerships across housing, healthcare, employment, government, philanthropy, and other essential services to drive complete transformation of social systems in pursuit of collective impact goals. Mandy served as Houston’s first Special Assistant to the Mayor for Homeless Initiatives for three and half years under two Houston Mayors and was responsible for designing and co-managing the implementation of Houston’s nationally recognized homeless system transformation, producing a 60% reduction in homelessness in four years. As the Director of Local Systems Transformation at CSH, Mandy was engaged by several communities across the country to share her systems thinking expertise as well as her hands-on experience transforming complex social service systems. Mandy has provided consultation to Mayors and Governors across the country and mostly recently led the City of Chicago through a complete governance and implementation reorganization. Mandy has 15 years of practical experience as a homeless services executive, supportive housing consultant, HUD technical assistance provider, system transformation project manager, political appointee, system transformation consultant, and senior leader in philanthropy. Mandy recently co-founded Clutch Consulting Group and serves as Managing Partner.

HEATHER MULLER  |  Managing Partner  |  Houston, TX

My motivation to start Clutch Consulting was rooted in a desire to spend as much of my time as possible driving the transformation of some of our most complicated social systems to better meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our communities. I believe that we have the ability to build stronger communities and better serve people through more effectively designing and operationalizing our social systems.

Growing up, integrity, hard work, and social justice were core values and these continue to be values that I bring to my family, my work, and Clutch Consulting.

Heather Muller is Managing Partner at Clutch Consulting Group and brings twenty-two years of service delivery, program management, and system transformation experience to her work. Heather is attracted to system innovation and compliments the process with expertise in change management and implementation logistics.  Before co-founding Clutch Consulting, Heather was a Senior Program Manager and Interim Director at CSH and delivered and honed her project management and implementation coaching skills in Houston and across the country.  As embedded consulting staff, Heather led the implementation of Houston’s Coordinated Entry and Income Now Systems and later developed multiple process refinement and project management tools as a consultant for communities across the country.  Heather has relied on her 14 years of direct service experience to ground her consulting delivery in practical, hands-on coaching and support.

TAMMY MCGHEE  |  Director of System Transformation  |  Fort Worth, TX

I am driven by a deep-rooted sense of urgency to create positive system change. Tackling a major social issue like homelessness takes several crucial ingredients-involved leadership, open communication, unwavering dedication, a lens of humility and understanding, and lots of hard work! Clutch offers these ingredients by standing alongside communities as they make change happen for those experiencing homelessness across the nation. I’m honored to be a part of this powerful group of innovative change-makers.

Tammy McGhee joined Clutch Consulting in 2020 with over 20 years of experience leading efforts to reduce homelessness with nonprofits and local government agencies in Fort Worth, Texas. With extensive experience in nonprofit management, financial oversight, program development, and grants administration, Tammy is dedicated to working with communities to create impactful programs that meet emerging needs and overcoming barriers that stall efficient and effective service delivery. Tammy has demonstrated success in strategic planning and capacity building, providing step-by-step technical assistance and leadership through the change process and supporting organizations as they implement and own their role in system transformation. As the Executive Director of the lead agency, Tammy’s understanding, and experience in mobilizing leadership around community initiatives allowed her to restructure Tarrant and Parker County’s homeless service delivery system into a strategic re-housing system of care. Tammy’s sense of urgency to create a positive change for those surviving homelessness drives her to be community focused, understanding the importance of results-oriented solutions and promoting a strong, unified message through advocacy and education.

SAMANTHA MAGGIANI | Director of System Transformation | Houston, TX

My appetite for systems change can be traced back to my pre-professional days. From a young age, I have been interested in understanding human behavior and reciprocity between individuals and their social environment. My analytic and inquisitive nature compelled me to “go deeper” and unravel the layers of complexity to better understand the relationships and structures that shape behavior and experiences within a system. That curiosity and a passion for social justice motivated me to work with communities to better meet the needs of vulnerable people by transforming some of the most complicated social systems. I very much enjoy developing strategy but, I am even more passionate about rolling up my sleeves to implement and see the results. Working for Clutch affords me the opportunity to partner with communities and do just that.

Samantha Maggiani joined Clutch Consulting Group in 2019 with over 6 years of hands on experience and a diverse background in facilitation, program management and administration, and team development. Samantha brings to the team her strengths of the “people” and the “process”; with expertise in building effective partnerships with employees at all levels across an organization and moving teams from planning to execution. Prior to Clutch, Samantha was a Program Manager with CSH, working to support the redesign of the local homeless response system in Houston providing transformative project management and technical support. As embedded consulting staff, Samantha led the implementation of a system wide Landlord Engagement strategy that yielded access to over 9,600 units of housing across Houston. A consummate multitasker, Samantha brings the right combination of organizational and problem-solving skills coupled with an “action oriented” approach to achieve results and deliver quality. As the Associate Director of System Transformation, Samantha works closely with communities across the country to drive complete transformation of complex social systems and build stronger communities.

ANA RAUSCH | Director of System Transformation | Houston, TX

“I thought I was going to go to medical school, then I took a break and got a job working with homeless women and children. That started my passion for helping all individuals experiencing homelessness. Helping Houston reduce homelessness by 61% is my proudest achievement. This work led me to working with other communities to help implement best practices and I found myself even more invigorated by this work. Joining Clutch was the next step I needed to continue what I started. 

As an immigrant to this country from Brazil and raised by a single mother, I bring a unique perspective.  It taught me the value of hard work, perseverance, and having compassion for those that are less fortunate”  

Ana Rausch is Director of System Transformation at Clutch Consulting Group and brings more than 24 years of system level experience to her work. With a focus on project management and system change implementation, Ana previously served as Vice President of Program Operations for the Coalition for the Homeless, the lead agency for the TX-700 Continuum of Care, known as The Way Home. In this role, she led the agency’s HMIS & Program Ops Teams and led in the development and implementation of nationally recognized programs and strategies that has led to a 61% reduction in homelessness in 10 years. In addition, she implemented The Way Home’s Coordinated Access system, spearheaded the revised and improved methodology used during the CoC’s Homeless Count, and helped develop the CoC’s Encampment Response Strategy. Ana lives in the northwest Houston area. She has been featured in numerous media articles and holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. 

PENNY SNYDER | Director of Transformational Communications | Austin, TX

I believe stories matter: they connect us to each other, help show us what’s meaningful, and inspire action. I bring a literary background, aesthetic eye, and eight years of experience to my work creating communications about complex topics. I’ve collaborated with subject matter experts such as contemporary art curators, choreographers embedded in communities, urban planners, and now Clutch’s homeless system transformation agents on a wide range of communications campaigns. Working alongside experts, I build narratives that make progress possible.

Penny Snyder is Director of Transformational Communications at Clutch Consulting Group, bringing eight years communications experience in small to mid-size nonprofits to the firm. With expertise in a variety of communications and marketing techniques, Penny works with stakeholders to develop communications plans and materials that help organizations reach their strategic goals, build support for initiatives, and tell stories that matter. Before working at Clutch Consulting, Penny was Communications Manager at community-based dance company Forklift Danceworks. She has also worked as the Public Relations Manager at the Blanton Museum of Art at UT Austin and as a communications assistant at Sasaki, a Boston-based urban planning firm. Penny recently graduated with an MPAff from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin, where she studied collaborative governance, community engagement, and housing policy.

What People are Saying About Us

[Clutch Consulting] was a leader in developing innovative strategies and implementing the structure that our system needed to succeed. As a result of their efforts, Chicago now has a more streamlined and efficient Continuum of Care. They provided critical technical assistance to All Chicago and other key system partners…This increased capacity has helped us become more proactive and bring new resources into our system.

Nonie Brennan
Former CEO of All Chicago
Chicago, IL

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